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Double Hung Window 7000 Series

Our windows start with premium virgin vinyl and uPVC all welded frame and sash construction. We add steel reinforcements to the sash meeting rails to eliminate any bowing. We have designed a dual interlocking meeting rail to eliminate air infi ltration where the sash meet.

The Series 7000 comes in either a dual glass or triple glass package. As with all of our windows you will get Super Spacer insulating technology in both dual and triple pane glass packages. You will have two low-E glass options to choose from and two gas fi ll options to choose from.

Note our multi cavity main frame for maximum thermal resistance and strength. You can choose to add an exterior foam wrap to eliminate air infi ltration from the space between the outside of the window and your window opening.

All of our windows come standard with a heavy duty, extruded half screen. Full screens are available for all windows as an option. Unlike the old screens of the past, our new screens are made of a fi berglass cloth which are superior in longevity.

Window Styles

Double Hung

The 7000 Series double hung window is the most universal of all types. It can be used in most any application. It is constructed so that both the upper and lower sash can move independently. We provide a standard half screen that can be moved to either the top or bottom position to allow you the ventilation you require. This window is virtually maintenance free. No more storm windows. Cleaning can all be done from the inside with the easy tilt in top and bottom sash..


Both casement and awning windows provide the home owner with a combination of versatility and a unique look. The 7000 casement comes standard with, dual arm operators, multi point locking hardware with three keepers hidden in the frame, optional operator fold down handle and a full heavy duty extruded full screen. Best of all, casements offer a wide variety of design options to add curb appeal to any home.


Sliders come in a number of confi gurations. Your dealer will help you decide the best combination to best fi t your needs. Solid brass rollers will give you years of smooth carefree operation and make moving large glass panes effortless. Use sliders to add a focal point both inside and out and a lot of additional sun light. Heavy duty extruded half screens come standard.

EZ Tilt

The EZ Tilt is a unique design that few window manufactures offer. It is a combination of a slider and a casement that opens to the inside of the home. This feature allows you to clean the windows from inside the home. You will gain an almost unobstructed view and maximum ventilation. Because of its ability to open almost completely it also makes for an excellent emergency escape.

Fixed Lights and Shapes

With basically unlimited styles of design to choose from you can add an energy effi cient source of outside light to most any room. You can also accent your sliders and double hung windows to make the room and outside appearance unique and distinctive.

Garden Windows

Weather you have a green thumb or not, a garden window offers you the ability to grow and enjoy the endless offerings of nature right in your kitchen or other room. How about fresh herbs in the winter? We offer an exclusive hardware design that keeps the window operation and locks within easy reach, so you and your plants can enjoy the outside when the temperatures and weather permit.

Glass Option

Your choice of double or triple pane, low-E glass options and gas fi ll will directly affect the effi ciency of your new windows. We offer a variety of options to fi t your region of the country and your budget. Our eK2 and eK366 glass options along with argon or krypton gas fi lls are options that you will want to discuss with your window representative.

Cut Glass Options

Nothing says quality like the elegance of cut glass in a window and unlike grilles you will have an unobstructed view. We offer a number of unique patterns to choose from. This option may require an extended lead time.

Grille Options

Choosing the Right Grille
The dust-free grilles are placed in the air space between the window panes. They are offered in three different colors and styles. Brass Pencil, Sculptured, Flat

Custom Exterior Color Options

Exterior Custom Colors
Standard exterior colors are white, beige, cocoa brown, and clay. Optional color choices include ten standard colors in a semi-gloss fi nish. In addition to the ten custom colors, we can custom mix a color to your specifi cations. All you need to do is send us a sample of the color you would like. In all cases the fi nish is extremely UV resistant, and comes with a twenty year warranty.

Mix and Match
Wood grain is available with all standard and custom colors which may require extended lead times. Colors are only representative of the actual vinyl colors and painted colors. For a more exact match refer to actual vinyl and color chip samples.

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